How To Maintain Your Calm Within A Storm

by Nikki Cornfield  - July 3, 2023

Many of you now will be wondering what the ‘eck just happened?

Me included.

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that life can change instantly and without notice

But, as with anything in life it’s our reaction to it that determines the effect of it on our equilibrium

Being able to recognize that how we respond to anything determines its outcome is vital to not only survive but thrive

Discovering how to move out of the mayhem of resistance to what is and into the undisturbed tranquil waters of allowing will, without question transform your life.

So, what do you need to give yourself the tools or the keys to unlock this area of yourself?

I can tell you now no -one else can do this for you!

If you look elsewhere for answers, to material things to fix the void, and place your health in someone else’s hands you end up with a mixed bag of opinions; losing your own power and energy. But the secret that no one tells you, and it’s a bloody great relief when you find out, is that all the answers are inside you.

Home is not some place, or found by buying a new car or the latest gadget it is you, who you are. It’s the unique sweet spot that is there to tap into, a source of inner strength that is there inside you all along. As soon as we wake up from our sleep in the morning we need to recognise that we have all we need.

But how do I find it I hear you say?

Listen in. Those inner ‘feelings,’ that stirring in the gut that tells you something is right or wrong, feels okay or doesn’t is your inner guidance, your ‘intuition’ guiding you. And we all have it. Only most of us have not bothered listening to it.

Okay so your head is telling you that you need to make rational, logical choices. Lead with your head, think it through before you make that all-important decision. Yes, a bit of that is good too. But what happens if instead you lead with your heart and feel into a decision. Going with something because it feels right and not what everyone else tells you you should be doing. That unique sense of knowing is there for a reason, like an inner compass to help you navigate in the dark.

No longer will you feel at the effect of life. You will, instead be able to weather any storm with quiet inner strength, able to stay rooted in the ground, in yourself and not swayed about by the emotions of others and the chaos around you.

What other tool can you use to tune in and get grounded to yourself? Nature!

I didn’t realise the true importance of that until in March earlier this year as we had awaited the arrival of my incredible Mum to our home here. We watched and waited for her as she completed her globe-trotting tour around Asia for her 80thbirthday. And then felt the disappointment and disbelief as the borders closed behind her including ours in Australia.

At the same time Dad in the UK was facing an indefinite lock down in his care home. Standing in my garden wrestling with all the emotions of disbelief and grief I turned to nature as my solace. Each day walking barefoot on the beach and feeling the energy from the earth restore me I recognized how nature is one of the biggest keys to finding that internal peace that rests inside us. I craved that time on the beach, energized by the sand between my toes and the warm sun on my skin.

Picking from our garden that in contrast to the world was flourishing it fulfilled some deep need I had to nourish my family. At night as I lay with the doors flung open to the sea breeze I felt gratitude for the sound of waves crashing on the shore close by.

As the world rapidly descending into chaos and fear I did not. I chose instead to stay connected firmly to the anchors of nature. Inside I was peaceful and determined that whatever got thrown my way in the weeks that followed that I wouldn’t change my response to the events.

As Covid-19 wound its fearful way around the world I watched from Perth Australia from the door of what felt like Noah’s Ark. My family and I had been granted a place unaffected by the storm outside or so it felt. And like many times in my life I had an idea, a flash bulb went off in my brain. “I need to write a new opening chapter to my book.” The conviction I had was shared by my book coach, award winning novelist, and previous editor and international journalist Caroline Allen Always aligning we both agreed there was no question about it. And so back to the laptop I went to write not one new chapter but two. So integral was the timing of the Pandemic virus to the message I had been developing in the book. It needed to be told.

And in nature we find the tools. Drinking clean water and eating foods as close to nature as possible so that we not just feed our body but nourish it inside and out. During times of stress and fear and confusion it is easy to turn to foods that comfort us but do not serve us. These foods stress our bodies more and our mind and gut intertwined become agitated and out of balance.

We are nature and nature is us so one of the biggest tools to keeping peace is what we put in our mouths. Tuning into what we are eating, how we eat it and the emotions present as we cook it and eat it are vital to keeping that internal homeostasis that we need to have everything in flow.

Wake Up And Smell The Roses Or Shut Up And Stop Complaining

Nikki Cornfield

I am passionate about helping others restore and renew their health through sharing my wisdom. On my journey I followed my instincts; naturally following a desire to study and practice alternative health therapies.

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