Mid-Life Crisis Or Transformation?

by Nikki Cornfield  - May 10, 2023

But just before I hit 50, call it a mid- life crisis if you want, I had the shocking realization that I had no money or freedom of my own. I was determined to find a way of finding a way to do it while still having fun and creating my own day. I wanted to call the shots, to do what I wanted on my terms and I wanted to be financially abundant myself.

But how am I working towards that goal?

I am learning from the experts. The ones that have changed their money story, created freedom for themselves, their families and having a whole lot of fun doing it. I listened and learnt from people who had been where I was not long ago. I am learning what I wish I had learnt all those years ago. And I am having so much fun doing it. And the bonus is I am helping other people to do the same.

Now some people would say that the plant at the back is messy. It’s one way of looking at it.

Or you could say it is showing how much it loves where it is and what it has received. I did make a point of showering it with love and excitement every time it produced one single pod of beans.

The broad beans started from a seed that I buried deep into a rich organic patch of earth. Within weeks they exploded and blocked the entrance to the pool. And they show no signs of stopping while still producing just a few pods at a time.

Patiently I wait for the gifts from it.

That has been like my book. I wrote one word at a time and patiently waited month on month until it developed into what I wanted. But I had to be patient. It seems to be the same for everything I do. I haven’t been able to go the easy route, the short cut. Instead I have had to do the work to get there and sometimes it would have been easy to give up.

I soon learnt that I needed to nourish myself first- that is the soil, the foundations to be able to help others.

To buy only the best quality seeds – you are what you eat.

And get some help with the planting – everyone needs a teacher and a mentor.

I couldn’t have done any of it alone.

When It Comes To Health We Have Been Lied To

Nikki Cornfield

I am passionate about helping others restore and renew their health through sharing my wisdom. On my journey I followed my instincts; naturally following a desire to study and practice alternative health therapies.

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