End 2020 with a bang and start 2021 in a whole new reality

by Nikki Cornfield  - December 7, 2020

I believe so many of us stick to our comfort zone because of the fear of the unknown. It’s easier to hope, wish or dream than it is to do.

But taking radical self-responsibility for your life means you hold all the answers and you are writing your own story.

And that can be scary as there is no one else to blame if you aren’t happy with who you are or where you are at. It’s much easier to blame and justify everything outside of yourself than work for what you want.


A friend asked me “If you I could do absolutely anything in the world and there was nothing holding you back what would you do?

I answered that I would have an extremely successful business which allows me to live life on my own terms, be completely financially free and coach others in achieving their goals and finding their purpose. And to write every day in different corners of the world!

For The Wild Wonderful Women Out There!

Nikki Cornfield

I am passionate about helping others restore and renew their health through sharing my wisdom. On my journey I followed my instincts; naturally following a desire to study and practice alternative health therapies.

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